Our story

The origines

The beauty professional is in danger, and it is from this observation that Végétalement Provence was born. Common sense, generosity, high standards, open-mindedness and a deep respect for the Earth are the foundations of this house that wishes to offer a sustainable alternative in the world of beauty.

A professional plant-based cosmetics house, Végétalement Provence comes from a rich land with a strong identity that makes the most of all the benefits of plant oils and essential oils to seduce the most demanding with its signature products made in France.

The concept

Based around our three collections, Hair, Skin and The art of living, our sup'organic ranges, beyond simple natural and organic cosmetics, cover all needs. Our products combine beauty & health, but also well-being, along innovation with sustainability and ethical commitments as core values.

A global beauty, very technical and very plant-based, awarded many times. Indeed Végétalement Provence is regularly rewarded for both its corporate values and its innovative creations. Through our efficient plant-based creations, the fruit of our expertise in green chemistry and carefully thought out in the heart of Provence, we offer an experience full of emotion.

« Join the world of professional plant-based beauty, beyond natural and organic »

Organic vs natural vs plant based : our convictions

Despite the confusion, they are quite different! The real PLANT BASED is without concession made exclusively of flowers, leaves, roots, vegetable oils, essential oils, fresh plant juices... The ORGANIC, beyond the many requirements throughout the different countries, is governed by certifications and a multitude of extremely complex and tedious labels with a questionable technical added value. Finally, did you know that everything that comes from the soil, including petroleum oil and its derivatives, is declared to be NATURAL in essence?

Faced with all these inconsistencies and complexities, WE have chosen our path and we focus on a (dear & essential) freedom of creation without concession to thus fulfill our (very complex) first mission: to make alternative cosmetics gorged with plants with technical results that satisfy demanding beauty professionals and all those who aspire to live in harmony with the earth.