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Why adopt professional plant-based cosmetics?

▪ A conceptualized alternative world

▪ Technical and innovative products

▪ Sustainable and ethical values

▪ A complete range of products covering all your needs

▪ Healthy work environment

▪ Valorization of your expertise

▪ A global concept to differentiate yourself

▪ Training: an academy at your disposal

Do you want to make the switch to green beauty with Végétalement Provence?

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Végétalement Provence professional ranges

Sans&Sens oil colour

Our S&S range provides a healthier alternative to traditional oxidation dyes.

Thanks to the synergy of vegetable oils, it colours at the heart of the fibre for a long lasting result. Its oleic innovation eliminates ammonia as well as all other harmful components, such as silicone and parabens, and those derived from petrochemicals.

The collection can meet all the needs, requirements and desires of customers with almost 80 shades, four strengths of Co-revealing milks and 6 pigment boosters.

Its particularity : an unmatched clean, professional and compact range that will compliment any creative work.

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Cataplasmes : plant based hair colour

Entirely made of organic plants, more than a colour, they are real long term hair treatments that cover grey hair while respecting the nature of the hair fiber.

A highly technical expert range that is unique on the market: granulometry, mixtures, stability, colour palette... Made from 100% ayurvedic plants, they colour while respecting the client, the hairdresser and the environment! Complete, this collection is a must have for your low-tox salon!

Its particularity: in complete harmony with the body, this range is suitable to the most sensitive persons.

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The Supra'pigments

A real toolbox, the collection allows the colourist to have a tailor-made offer from a palette of 18 shades for unique personalized services in the salon as well as reviving and refreshing coloured hair at home.

Shampoos and conditioners push back the limit of the concept, allowing to go further in detail, tones, creativity, and personalization!

All mixable together, the possibilities are endless. Their unique plant content are designed to colour, restructure and moisturise without weighing the hair down, bringing absolute shine to the hair fiber.

Its particularity: this oxydation-free collection of pigmented haircare doesn't contain any PPD, resorsinol or ammonia making it a true sustainable colour line.

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Infinte blond

A concept within a concept, it offers the widest range of blonds on the professional market: ash, polar, golden, honey... The collection is complete and meets the high demand for blonds: lightening, highlights, contouring, balayage... With a care dimension thanks to sup'organic ingredients.

Its particularity: this time-less collection will grow and evolve with the artist, trend after trend, season after season.

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Skin : Beauty & Spa

The first sup'organic range dedicated to the skin ever awarded by the 2019 Innovation Award, it includes two unique and complementary lines:

▪ The holistic Spa line, inspired by Ayurveda, easily assimilated by all with a strong focus on emotions, feelings and olfactory experiences. Highly personable offering balance between the body and mind.

▪ The clinical expertise line, curative and healing, responds to the various skin problems thanks to specific plant synergies. This cosmeceutical line is the perfect alliance of cutting-edge ingredients with therapeutic benefits.

Its particularity: reviving the 5 senses, this line brings a new dimension to beauty treatments combining aromatherapy and biotechnology.

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Végétalement Provence academy

Végétalement Provence is more than just organic products, it is also a professional training centre in the heart of Sydney. Because the world of beauty is constantly evolving, and to stand out in it, it is essential to be well equipped and to differentiate oneself.

The team of trainer and educator provide hairdressers, colourists, stylists, barbers, beauty professionals, masseurs, beauticians... with the knowledge you need to learn and improve.

On the programme: hair training, cutting, colouring and styling, beauty, digital, personal development, business... Come and discover alternative techniques and the latest trends.

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