Eco-laundry detergent

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An eco-friendly plant based olive oil detergent.

Natural and biodegradable, Végétalement Provence's laundry detergent reduces your environmental impact with no phosphates or preservatives.

It safely cleans, removes grease and stains and is hypoallergenic.

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How to use

Machine wash > 40°C: Beforehand, dilute 40 to 50g of flakes in 1L of hot water in a bottle. Shake the bottle vigorously for a better dilution. Pour 30cl of the mixture directly into the drum of the machine, in the heart of the laundry.
Machine wash < 40°C: Take 20 to 25g of flakes, scramble them and place them directly in the machine drum, in the heart of the laundry.
Hand washing: Dilute 40g of flakes in 1/2L of hot water. Rub the laundry, then rinse thoroughly with clear, cold or warm water.


Ingredients: Sodium olivate, aqua (water/eau), olea europaea fruit oil, glycerin, sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide.